Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Can you get a fake receipt proving you paid for your fake receipt?

Fake Receipts

Welcome to FalseExpense.com We print the finest Fake receipts available, with your custom information on them.

Option 1 - Fake Receipt - Premium Service - Design, Print & Delivery
Option 2- Fake Receipt Printing Service
You Pay Us A Fee of US$39.99
We design and print your custom false expense or store receipt.
false receipt for electronics fake VAT receipt for diesel fake car repair bill to inflate insurance claims fake jewellery receipt to avoid import duty, or to pretend fake jewellery is real
We design, print and deliver your fake receipt on proper store paper with a genuine POS thermal printer
More Details and Ordering
From less that US$1.50 each
You design a fake sales receipt using our free fake receipt creation resources, and free fake receipt templates.
create your own fake store receipt online
Order it, we'll print your fake receipts on proper store paper with a genuine POS thermal printer and post it to your address
More Details and Ordering


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