Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The amount of United States arms sales in 2009 exceeded $40 billion

Volume of U.S. arms sales to other states is increasing rapidly and is likely in the current year will exceed the amount of $40 billion, reports Reuters , referring to Pentagon officials.

Vice Admiral Jeffrey Wieringa (Jeffrey Wieringa), who heads the Agency for Security Cooperation and Defense Pentagon (Defense Security Cooperation Agency) said at the Paris Aviation Show in Le Bourget, that it is not yet clear whether the permanent increase quantity sold to U.S. weapons. Wieringa said that this was possible because of the desire of many countries to upgrade their weapons because of the obsolescence of existing.

Sales weapons is at "unprecedented levels" since the beginning of 2000, he consistently grew at $8 billion – $13 billion per year., said Vice-Admiral. In I half of this year sales of arms from the United States totaled $27 billion. It is about 60% of the expected annual turnover of U.S. $40 billion, "he said.


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