Tuesday, April 20, 2010

US Permits On-site Pot Smoking For the First Time

US Permits On-site Pot Smoking For the First TimeThe International Cannabis and Hemp Expo, the first trade show of its kind in the U. S. to permit on-site pot smoking, reportedly grabbed an estimated 15,000 enthusiasts to Daly City over the weekend.

"We're exercising our rights as patients to peacefully gather", posted Bob Katzman, Chief Operating Officer, as he stood near the designated puffing area. "We're here to talk about changing some of the existing laws, but we're not here to break the law".

In addition, he uncovered that it took four years for the organizers to negotiate an approval with a venue that would officially allow marijuana consumption.

Dr. Daniel Susott posted that he hoped to sign-off on 1,600 people by the end of the weekend. He said a portion of the fees would be diverted for charity.


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