Monday, May 17, 2010

Hemp History Week

Between now and the end of May, we'll be celebrating our history with hemp farming at local events across the country in a show of support for American farmers who want the right to grow industrial hemp again. Check out our events page to find locations near you and our get involved page to become an event host or volunteer.

Hemp History Week (May 17-23, 2010) will also feature educational events around the U.S. exposing our rich American history of hemp farming and hemp products. We will also share a selection of modern hemp products and ask supporters to sign and send postcards urging President Obama and Attorney General Holder to change our federal policy to allow American farmers to once again grow industrial hemp. 

Find An Event Near You

Mt. Vernon Hemp

We're helping to host nearly 200 events nationwide, and you're invited! The events need organizers, volunteers and participants. Attending an event provides a great opportunity to celebrate all the wonderful uses of hemp, while showing your support, learning about your local hemp history and sampling modern hemp foods and body care products.

Select your state below to find an event near you and then invite your friends. The event description, event location, event time and date are listed. If you need the name and email address or phone number of an event contact and/or organizer please send an email to or call Jamie Trowbridge at 202-232-8997.


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