Friday, July 16, 2010

Why I Only Hire Recent College Graduates

By Ken Sundheim

I was poking around on the net and I published a blog post on a sales blog which had some comments asking as to why I only hire recent college graduates. The reason I hire recent college graduates and only recent college graduates is that they have not been ruined by corporate thinking. I need people who are really creative. If you give the right people certain goals and let them be creative as to how to get execute them, great things will happen. For marketing purposes, I need people who are great writers. The problem with this is that Corporate America, for the most part, does not know online marketing or social media. This is despite the fact that it is on all of their resumes. Because they do not know anything about this, they don't have their employees write.

Yes, I could hire someone who is great as writing and teach them online media, however they have a predisposition as to what good salesmanship should be.

Please don't misunderstand me, I do like when people tell me I'm wrong. As a matter of fact, I welcome that. However, I am young. I'm 29 years old and am putting a team together to make my company something great. Therefore, if I continue to add recent college graduates, I can properly mold them. I would never, in a million years, hire another recruiter.

So, how do I tell if recent college graduates will work hard? First, their education. I like students who have gotten into colleges which I did not get into. If a student graduated from a great school, that alludes to the fact that they may be hard, diligent workers. Yes, some students are extremely smart and got in through sheer intelligence. That's where grades come into the mix.

Ken Sundheim

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